3.7.12 Emily Hay + Motoko Honda + Brad Dutz + Wayne Peet

Emily Hay is a flutist, vocalist and pianist who extends the traditional roles and capabilities of her instruments by incorporating the complexity of contemporary classical technique with the spontaneity and experimentation of free improvisation. The result is startling interpretations of sound and intense ensemble interaction. Her explorations on the flute and alto flute embody unusual tone colors and soaring rhythmic structures, augmented by electronically generated effects and often overlapped by unusual vocalizations ranging from primal to operatic with lyrics and sounds from the stream of consciousness.

Hay is an active member of the Los Angeles and “left coast” music communities, and has performed in avant garde, art rock, free improvisation, electro-acoustical and contemporary classical ensembles such as U Totem, The Motor Totemist Guild, The 5 UU’s , Otherparts, I Am Umbrella, Adam Rudolph’s Go Organic Orchestra, The Emily Hay Collective, The Rich West Ensemble, The Jeff Kaiser Okodektet and The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble. Recordings of her work have been released on Cuneiform Records, Recommended Records, Nine Winds, Meta, pfMentum, Public Eyesore and Dragnet Records. She has toured and performed throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. with concert highlights at the Bimhuis/Amsterdam, the Ottomat/Italy, New Music America Festival/Montreal, Art Rock Festival/Frankfurt, Kulturni Dom/Yugoslavia, Staion de Art Sankt Peter/Cologne and the Reithalle/Switzerland.

Hay has worked in the entertainment business for over 15 years and specializes in music and film contracts and copyright law. She has represented top name clients as a paralegal for entertainment law firms such as Loeb & Loeb, Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca et al and King Holmes, Paterno & Berliner and supervised numerous film and television soundtracks while working in executive positions for film studios such as Tri Star Pictures and Rysher Entertainment.

Emily Hay co-hosts a radio show, “Trilogy”, on KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles (and at http://www.kxlu.com) which features live performances and guest interviews by musicians and composers of the avant-garde, free jazz, improvisation, contemporary classical, experimental and electronic music genres. Hay was Music Director for the Beyond Baroque Foundation where she curated and promoted live experimental music events by performers such as Fred Frith, Tom Cora, John Adams and David Moss as well as the 1992 New Music Across America Festival in L.A.

Born in rural Virginia, Emily Hay received a BFA in music from Bard College in New York and an MFA in music from California Institute of the Arts. She studied musical improvisation with Karl Berger, Dave Holland and Roswell Rudd, flute with Samuel Baron, Claude Monteaux, Julius Baker, James Walker and Patricia Spencer, piano with German Diaz and Chet Swiatkowski, composition and theory with Joan Tower, Mel Powell, Benjamin Boretz, Luis Garcia-Renart and Eli Yarden.

Emily Hay website

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Keyboard alchemist Motoko Honda, whose mix of piano and electronics is a sonic adventure all her own.”– Chris Barton-Los Angeles Times

Virtuoso technique paired with her intensely imaginative mind constantly shifting sonic landscape of striking beauty”– Susan Dirende-LA Splash Magazine

“At times she puffed up some Matthew Shipp storm clouds; at times she pounded wit ha grandeur and structure worthy of Prokofieve; her spare strokes on a tiny synthesizer added subtle dimension….Honda is a treasure” – Greg Burk-Metaljazz.com

“Imagine Radiohead teaching Franz List how to rock a KAOSS pad; or John Cage facing off with Bud Powell over prepared piano” – Matthew Duersten-Stompbeast.com

“Motoko Honda is a truly gifted and versatile artist. Her solo performance last year at the South Pasadena Music Center was truly one of the most stirring, beautiful, and eloquent things I have heard in years.” – Nels Cline-Wilco, The Nels Cline Singers

“Motoko’s music is a direct, real-time expression of the Cosmos, the Mystery, whatever It is. To be able to feel this so strongly from a single human playing a grand piano is a moving and unforgettable experience.”– Matt Piper-Musician, Author

Motoko Honda website

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Brad started to study music at age seven. After high school he studied at the University of North Texas and Berklee college of music. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles and began free-lancing untill 1984 when he joined Maynard Ferguson and toured around the country. Beside his ten solo c.d.s – NINE NEDS, KRIN, CAMELS, RAILROADS, GRILL, MAKING ICE, OBLITERATION quartet, MY BONGO, JOHN HOLMES- BRAD DUTZ duos and the first BRAD DUTZ c.d. he has co-produced twelve others and played as a sideman for 210 titles.

In 1995 Warner Brothers and Interworld selected Brad to do eight video tapes for beginners entitled HAVE FUN PLAYING HAND DRUMS. He can be heard on TV shows KING OF THE HILL, FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, ENTERPRISE and FIREFLY. Some of the movies that Brad has played on are PRINCE OF EGYPT, SYRIANA, HILDAGO, RUGRATS GO WILD,STAR TREK 5, OCEAN’S ELEVEN , ANCHORMAN, HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE ,TRANSFORMERS, RUSH HOUR 3, RUN DOWN and I SPY. IMAX films : MYSTERIES OF EGYPT, MT. KILAMANJARO , AMAZON, and ISLAND of SHARKS.

In addition to playing mallets, hand percussion is his specialty. He has studied many instruments; congas, berimbau, bata, bodhran, bones, pandiero, djembe, tabla, kanjira, doumbec, riq, and others.

While recording CDs for artists like ALANIS MORRISETTE, KISS, WILLIE NELSON, MICHAEL WOLFF, TRIBAL TECH, DAVID BENOIT,RICK BRAUN, VINNY GOLIA, LEE ANN RYHMES, MITCH FORMAN, TERENCE TRENT DARBY, RICKIE LEE JONES, HANDS’ONSEMBLE and even actors JEFF BRIDGES and RONNY COX, Brad tries to bring the strangest percussion instruments he has to the session to create a unique sound . Every year he travels to colleges and stores to do clinics and concerts on hand percussion and mallets. His endorsements include VIC FIRTH, REMO,YAMAHA, PAISTE, ROLAND and MOUNTAIN RYTHYM . Since becoming a member of the part-time faculty of Cal State Long Beach eight years ago Brad has finished three books, “Practicing music on hand percussion”, “Manipulations in time”and “Duos,Trios,and Quartets for percussion”. In 2002 his Obliteration quartet was the subject of a documentary film.

Brad Dutz website

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Wayne Edward Peet is an American jazz pianist & organist active chiefly on the West Coast jazz scene.

Peet began on piano at age six; he played in churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California while young. He also played trombone but quit the instrument in his early 20s. He attendedWestmont College from 1973 to 1977, where he was a founding member with John Rapson of the Frobisher Hall Art Ensemble.

Peet moved to Los Angeles in 1978 to play with John Rapson. He played with Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Vinny Golia, and Steuart Liebig in the 1980s, and recorded for Golia’s Nine Winds label. Peet has composed extensively for film and television, and also does production and engineering for Nine Winds, pfMentum, Blue Note, Enja, Atavistic, Little Brother, SST and other labels. He wrote arrangements for Brian Setzer from 1992-94, played with Bobby Bradford in 2000 and engineered the first Leviathan Brothers EP in 2005.

Wayne Peet website

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